Somethings I have learnt and still learning…

Things I have learnt up to now.

What happens today may not happen tomorrow or the same daily routine you have followed for weeks. Months or even years without any warning will change and leaves you in chaos.

In freight, we refer to rates as volatile because unlike years ago, rates were valid for a year and nothing could change it. Today it’s chaos it changes daily and can only be valid month to month.

That’s life, isn’t it? I mean if you sit and think back to a few years back, maybe 5 or maybe 10 and you will notice how things have changed. Not the obvious changes like price hikes and vat increase, no I’m talking about people. Friends, family, husbands and wives even kids, even work colleagues or acquaintances things have definitely changed. It’s as if human beings aren’t acting human anymore. Emotions seem to be null and void and WhatsApping rather than face to face has taken over.

It’s not strangers or acquaintances or even work colleagues, this is spouses or partners. Family and friends who have forgotten what a conversation is all about and rely on social media. It’s completely left us disconnected that sending your husband a lengthy very well presented WhatsApp message of matters of the heart rather than sitting face to face.

Has it really become that? We’ve lost the ability to talk, just talk.

Even friends come and go and I think back now of the childhood friends I had, blood sisters and all of that. Declaring to remain friends for life no matter what….

Yes, I look back because those friends are all gone. Living their own lives, their own friends and in a day everything has changed.

Meeting new people can be extremely volatile and chaotic. Having to trust someone new in the hope they are genuine and could never happen to you that they just con’s or users. I have learnt the hard way, from the actual con to the butter doesn’t melt in their mouth person. I saw the con coming and prepared myself but the other a complete surprise.

So, we don’t put ourselves out there or we take the chance in the hope that it could be real. We become hermits locked in our worlds to keep the others out and in the end the loneliness consumes us until we are forced to put ourselves back out there bitter and broken and end up meeting the exact people we’ve being trying to avoid.

I have had the best friendships and relationships with people I just met and I’ve been badly hurt by the ones I knew my whole life… You just never know and never see it coming.

You can’t shut out the world you can only adapt and be weary and in this case, appreciate the social media frenzy in using the tools to get to know someone before attempting to meet them. Then again those haven’t worked out to well either in cases you hear daily.

WE have to just realize that people and the world and the life we lived 10 years ago, is different. We’ve become tougher and harder and becoming more and more of “each for themselves society”. I don’t say join the forces but try to be street smart and vigilant.

Keep the face to face conversations for family and friends and especially spouses and partners because face to face anything is possible and that interaction can only be good for you.

And the rest… Social media and keep the communication clear and trust that intuition. Honestly has it ever been wrong and how many more times do you want to get burned.

WE live we regret or loose and we learn… Most of the time. We are only human after all… remember to breath and then down that glass of Merlot.

I love you…

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