Forgiving the past to build our future

Is our world not enough…

Change, change, change. They say “a break is as good as a holiday” but with all the changes going on, a holiday seems more like a permanent vacation.

Stop! Breath! Relax! You can do this… New day, new opportunities, switch on the TV, have to keep on top of the day to day news. What you see today will definitely change tomorrow so focus. The only way they say is “to adapt”. Which is fine and can be managed but when the changes are daily and it’s not about your life, your stresses or the other little trials and tribulations effecting our lives. No no we now dealing with Defcon 5; stuff and it’s not overseas or the other end of Africa, nope it’s here on our door steps in sunny, animal kingdom, laid back and friendly South Africa.

What happened?

It’s politics and the economy, it’s crime and warfare, corruption and scandal. It’s frightening, confusing and completely crazy at the same time. You can’t seem to get away from the madness of its not the news, it’s the social media, it’s billboards, coffee break and supermarket ques, its everywhere. You can’t escape it.

Switching on the TV or radio has become anxiety all on its own. Your daily Social media peruse is no more quirky posts and happy birthday reminders. It’s just a constant reminder of just how things have changed, bitterness and constant reminders of the issues of the past. The pressure to adapt and accept, forgive and move on drums like a beat daring you to forget. It taunts and teases you from morning until night.

It’s been years, we changed, we have become humble and truly blessed to have experienced the magnitude of such change. History in the making and we are apart of it.

Adaption… Forgiveness….what happened? The chaos of the past has effected our lives and instead of moving forward we bolting backwards.

Have we really become a country of bitterness and so much hatred that learning from mistakes has no relevance and generations who weren’t even alive during the troubling time are just been taught to hate and instead of experiencing a new rainbow nation country they Harbour pain and anger of a past they were not apart of.

It’s a difficult one to understand.

I guess I just want to switch on the news and hear how beautiful South Africa is again, how South Africans filled with strength and courage, through perseverance and forgiveness, working together, fulfilling and inspiring the world-over.

Why aren’t we creating an inspirational story, that motivates and proves that we can overcome any challenge that we faced and are ready to face. The change began with us, for the world to watch and wait. Why not change for the better and not only for ourselves but for the remembrance of our past and generations of our future.

It can only come from forgiveness and the will to see beyond the fear that binds us.







Forgive. Love. Peace.

Psychedelic Circle in a Grey Square.

I was having a discussion with someone over the weekend and it dawned on me that the phrase Round Peg in Square Hole very much was my life.  I am without a doubt that Round Peg in a Square Hole of life and instead of fighting or arguing or being unhappy because of my non-conformance in society, it was rather easier to embrace it.  Instead of me seeing it as the Round Peg it would become my Psychedelic Circle in a Grey Square instead of Square Hole.

At the same time, I’m thinking how long does it take before my Psychedelic Circle begins to fade away and I end up getting caught among the Grey Squares?  Well then, I have to ask myself how long have I been this Psychedelic Circle and definitely my whole life.  So, the important realization now is to meet other Psychedelics and join together to enjoy the pathways of life we find ourselves on…

Not very easy because yes while I have met many Psychedelics, they are not very strong at heart, any little thing is taken personally and seeing this cruel world for what it is, is very hard to look through our eyes and see the wonders and the light of life and love of people.  I think I have proven I can do it, and always ask myself why?  What is the reason to constantly fight the fight in a world ruled by the Grey’s?  I guess my answer to that is having the way to look at life and say there is more, more adventures, more fun, more to experience, more to love and more to believe that there has to be more… because without it what is the point?

Everything in our life is surrounded by Grey’s, driving in our box cars, working and eating at our box desks, eating our boxed meals, living in boxed houses – yet the world is round, not boxed and definitely not flat.

I think Terry Pratchett had an amazing Psychedelic look at life and that’s why his books were funny and creative and always made the reader think more and want more of the Discworld and the Great A’Tuin.  Not to mention my fascination for Death and his horse Binky… deliciously morbid and fantastically hysterical that Death is a sympathetic Grim Reaper.

The sadness of all this… my greatest Psychedelic, who breathed fire into my soul and made every day that great adventure life has to offer, couldn’t and wouldn’t survive in the world of Grey’s.  That no matter how many Terry Pratchett books he read to get lost in the Discworld, no matter how he tried to fight that big fight, he could  no more and he just gave up.

The more i think about it, the more I realize it’s the Psychedelics that are deciding to exit life every day, the strain and stress of living in the Grey world has become harder and crueller and a the abundance of good hearts are diminishing at a rate of not worth fighting for anymore.

Just a morbid thought…