Time Heals Everything…

They say time heals everything… Living through it day by day, I have a different idea of what they could be describing… How long is time exactly? When we can answer that question then maybe we can say time heals everything. Through the perseverance and drive to move forward, heal from the part wounds, striving for excellence and that inner peace… As determined as I try to be, or how I act, or how I’m seen… It takes one little reminder, it may be good or bad but that... Read More

The Bonds That Are Us: It’s A Choice

It goes without saying that if there is one thing I am known for… or the reason I started this Blog… or the one thing I believe in… is Love! I know that even I can feel or should I say sound like a gramophone…Love Love Love Love Love… One would think I would have given up on it now right? Well I wouldn’t be writing this Blog if I had given up on Love. So I wonder… they say the following: 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 says.. If you read the Bible... Read More