Women are really so simple its men that complicate us

I have honestly been through the good, the bad and the ugly.

Through this I have come to the same conclusion each time and that is, it’s not women who are complicated it’s the men that make us complicated. Women are naturally submissive in a relationship, loving their man instantly projects them into a space of loving and nurturing and its all to please the Mr in their lives. All a woman asks for and… OK well let me change that statement and say all “I” ask for… ‘me’, ‘Mrs’, ‘Cindy’, ‘love’, ‘babe’, ‘baby-girl’, ‘darling’, ‘sweetheart’, whoever I am to the person I am with. It’s all the same, I just want love, honesty, trust and respect. Mess with those four things and it would throw my emotions around and that’s when I would fall off balance. That’s when the complicated starts inside of me, the turmoil of feeling uneasy, unhappiness sets in, insecurity begins and the feeling of not been loved takes over…

All we want is to spend the rest of our life with this Man we have chosen, and yes things happen. Fights, work, families, life… it rears its nasty head and all hell breaks loose. But, that feeling that those four aspects bring to our hearts which creates the sense of safety and security can assist us in getting through any of these situations. Not having one of them, leads to endings rather than forever’s. Broken hearts are forever broken, they can never repair totheir full form, but rather look all stitched. Which in the end becomes a complicated heart, beating in a simple girl, which in the end makes her complicated.

I’m just saying…


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    1. Hi Luke thank for reading my blog and so happy to see yoUr comment. Agree men do crave the same things but they have trouble communicating their feelings. Definitely not their fault it’s how they were brought up to almost stay macho an never show a softer side which is crazy. Ladies want men to talk and be open about things, and ladies have to make their men feel comfortable in doing it. Wouldn’t it be a perfect world if it was this easy? Lol then we probably would all be bored. No fighting no arguments… that would definitely be much too boring.

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