What we know…

what we know is…

Love is a paradox of happiness, heartache and the injustice of our hearts loving and living.

I call upon anyone out there who loves with a heart filled with nothing but love. It’s alot harder then you dream of or anticipate.  Its all up to you.

If you believe in you if you believe in love, then no matter what life throws you its love.

I can honestly say… Love is the answer love is the key. It’s the depth of recognition…it’s the depths of someone loving you, without nothing but having everything. It’s the start to the end.

We all dwell on the happily ever after but it happens to the person you commit to for the rest of your life. Thats why the girls and boys who met at school and still together..I love you and admire you.

To those who meet later on, learn, love, beyond intrigued by their differences…no matter how long it takes…no one is perfect. It’s the willingness to make it work.

I love you.


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