Now that’s a word that if put into practice could bring you absolute peace of mind and basically make you a much happier person. Carrying around anger can only make you bitter and if you are bitter then you attract negativity and a cloud of unhappiness.

It’s God’s will is it not? To forgive. Now I’m not saying forgive and forget because we are human and that would take incredible strength and self-discipline; to just walk away and block out the forgiving situation. I’m yet to meet someone who has that ability. Would it be a good ability though?

How cold spirited and detached from life would you have to be to just switch your emotions off and on like that… How do you not feel bitterness after being disappointed or hurt or angered?

Something to think about?

I believe it’s nearly impossible to do both. Forgive yes but to forget never. I think the forget is not blocking it out of your sub conscience but to learn from the issue and move forward. To try not live through the same situation, but then as I said we are human so having to learn a few times over is natural as long as we keep moving forward.

As for forgiving, well it’s damn hard and me, myself and I had to make a decision to make peace with a situation or harbour those emotions and be angry and defeated all the time. It was the most difficult and trying situation to have ever put myself through and I have been through some life whoppers, but I can tell you it definitely was for the better and by not giving that situation the power to control my thoughts and emotions I felt that I won that war.

I believe it’s not so much forgiving that person but forgiving yourself; for putting yourself in the situation that brought pain or anguish and to make a promise that you will work hard not to put yourself in the exact or similar situation again, that next time listen to that inner voice or those feelings of uncertainty and tell yourself it’s ok it was a mistake and it’s made you just a little stronger… Then again, as I mentioned before, we are only human; mistakes are a given and we will spend our lives experiencing them over and over again.

The trick I guess is to keep learning, accept the lesson and move on. Isn’t it true that God wouldn’t put us in a situation if we couldn’t handle it?

Be gentle to yourself, forgive yourself and keep moving forward.


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