What we know…

what we know is…

Love is a paradox of happiness, heartache and the injustice of our hearts loving and living.

I call upon anyone out there who loves with a heart filled with nothing but love. It’s alot harder then you dream of or anticipate.  Its all up to you.

If you believe in you if you believe in love, then no matter what life throws you its love.

I can honestly say… Love is the answer love is the key. It’s the depth of recognition…it’s the depths of someone loving you, without nothing but having everything. It’s the start to the end.

We all dwell on the happily ever after but it happens to the person you commit to for the rest of your life. Thats why the girls and boys who met at school and still together..I love you and admire you.

To those who meet later on, learn, love, beyond intrigued by their differences…no matter how long it takes…no one is perfect. It’s the willingness to make it work.

I love you.


Come visit me again.

Come visit me again
Where the stars cascade like waterfalls off the milky way
Where the planets aline for the Sun’s approval
And the nights so beautiful they without resistance replace the day

Come visit me again
Where the kelidescope of colors not fitting for a rainbow
Collide In cosmic dreams and manifestations of trash polka
Where the sounds of majestic tunes of ebb and flow
Ring through the darkness a guidance of glow

So when you visit me again
Our hearts will know the universe had spoken
The majestic lights the cosmic tune will ring true
And the past, present and future will be as one
Because we will know nothing else matters but us.


I’m Just Saying… Farewell!

It’s with great excitement that I announce farewell to I’m Just Saying.

It’s not the end of my writing however. I have just blissfully moved on from the past. What do they say… stop living in the past because you can’t move forward. Well that’s where I am now.

I have reached the point where 5 years of remembrance and tears and and and is enough…lol!

The weeds have been removed, the soil has been turned over and the flowers that were prepped and planted through this cycle, are now in bloom.

Spring had sprung and the hard work of the green thumb had reached the point where I can sit back and enjoy the blossoms of my labour.

Considering I have no green thumb and have never had an interest in gardening, these metaphors are quiet surprising and may just find inspiration in gardening,

Hold on to your hats!!! New blog to come, I will keep you posted on when it begins.

Featuring the creativeness an whole bag of tricks to blow your mind, inspire your soul and unleash your inner-creative. Apparently not only can I write, but have a whole lot hidden talents to unleash on the world.🤪

Thank you for travelling with me on the road to self healing and truly hope I helped or inspired at least one of you❤️

I love you