A Royal wedding

The Royal Betrothal… A fairy-tale

Regardless of the annoyance, you can’t dispute the fact that everyone is talking about the Royal Wedding. So, whether you are into it or not, whether you are a romantic or not, you have heard of it. Radio, social media, news, colleague’s family, friends etc. etc… You get my drift.

The point is no matter what, no matter how cold hearted or hard hearted you are, a wedding is a wedding, love is love and a Royal Wedding is a fairy-tale.

All girls want to feel like a princess and all boys want to feel like a prince and what day is more perfect, what occasion becomes all about you, where you’re put on a pedestal aka inauguration aka your ceremony where she is dressed like a princess and he is dressed as her prince, sitting at the main table everyone, the guests’ eyes on you aka the throne, King and Queen, sitting side by side. First dance, throwing bouquet, cutting cake whatever, it is all eyes on the couple. Family and friends fussing about, from the day of engagement to the day of I do… It’s based on a fairy-tale and it works.

We all want something to believe in, we all want to fall in love and we all want to feel like Royalty so why not let the British Royal family carry on with their traditions giving us the eternal feeling of love and being in love, royal style.

Of course, I would end this by saying it should never end there because you need to be, and live, and treat each other like the Kings and Queens that you are.

So, in true Royal Blue love and in honour of my grandfather who is a Phillips who was born and bred British style keep believing in those fairy-tales…

I love you


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