A contradiction….

“What is love” … “Is this love”… “Whats love got to do with it.” . Oh my word I can carry on with all the song titles of love.

Have you ever loved someone that when you with them, nothing else matters and nothing hurts. It’s just like perfection, but with those rose tinted glasses, because when you look deep there are those cracks.

Then you wonder is love enough, can you get through the difficult times…

Those rose tinted glasses are now flashing neon pink lights, warning that maybe it’s not suppose to be and that love isn’t enough.

Parting is such sweet sorrow… Shakespear knew.

How right he was. How do you walk away from someone you completely love that been away from them hurts, nothing makes sense and feel so miserable, like your heart completely feels detached.

I honestly don’t know where to begin, or how to even fathom knowing what’s wrong yet your heart speaks differently. Keeping busy, keeping strong, writing those pros and cons lists… It’s endless at how we try but to no avail.

I still cry, I still wonder and I still over think, trying to feel alive when you alone and not ramble on in your mind of the what Ifs the buts or ands. Is it possible to love someone, knowing you may be better off without them?

It just takes a little more work, strength of a warrior and faith in healing yourself. It’s very possible even in the most impossible circumstance. Faith in God and yourself, which isn’t easy. Not a happily ever after… Just something that you know you have to deal with but not an easy task whatsoever.

Because how do fight against a heart that knows what it wants.

Heart knows what it wants, you can’t fight it or run from it. You can only hope and wish you one day wake up, healed and moving forward… Or all those moments that led you to part somehow changes and then you look and say well at least it was worth it…

How far do you take it…

I’m just saying 💔

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