The Start of Something New…

A beautiful struggle was and still is a phrase given to me by my fondest love attachment of divine intervention.  Which has now become the beginning or rather relaunch of my blog.

“Our scars make us know that our past was real” Jane Austin – Pride and Prejudice

My love for writing has been my saving grace, my world to escape to and my therapy for my scars, but as with the old blog I used it as my platform for a bit of rage and humour.  That is all behind me now so very therapeutic indeed.

A beautiful struggle is my inspiration of life, love and everything that is good.  Tired of the negatives of negatives and the bitterness that prevails.  Newsflash ‘misery begets misery‘ how does no one remember this.  I literally have cut out the unfavourable that bring me down, the pessimists who live in denial and the lost who dwell in the anxiousness of their own doing… They handed me the scissors that I used to snip snip snip.

“Off with their heads” Queen of Hearts – Alice In Wonderland

I have lived and breathed the anger, hatred, regret, etc etc of life’s cruel sense of humour but it was still down to choices I made so in the end who can I blame… and that was it!  The moment you realise that you just can’t blame anyone so why wallow in that pity party of doubt. 

Hence “A Beautiful Struggle” was born and perfectly said, the Struggle was real but the outcome, finding God and being able to find and live in the highest power of being which Is love … well that is Beautiful!

I’m Just Saying